AR litra, 350-339 BC, Female head right / AB-AK, forpart of MFB charging right.  Bertino 1975, Pl. XVII, no. 2. (Excessively rare, only two specimens known. Toned, about VF

Ex Hirsch sale 1908, Consul Weber, 525; M&M list 231, 1963, 23 and Jameson collection. (ex. NAC AG)


Abakainon Ar litra Campana 27







AR Litra 343-339 B.C. Head of nymph r. wearing triple drop earring and necklace of beads, hair rolled, border of dots / Forepart of manfaced bull l., ABA below, border of dots.(H.J. Berk auction 82, lot 171; Campana 27)



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