1. AR Nomos, Nymph right / MFB right being crowned by Nike, KYMAION below (Rutter 203)







Campania, Didrachm, Cumae, c. 325-300 BC; AR (g 7,42; mm 20; h 9); Head of nymph r., wearing diadem, earrings and necklace, Rv. KYMAIΩN, man-faced bull advancing r., crowning by flying Nike r. Sambon 298; HNItaly 536; SNG Copenhagen -; SNG ANS 249. (ACR, Auction 15, lot 7)


2. AR Nomos, Similar to last (Rutter 204)

Picture Forthcoming

3. AR Obol, Nymph right / MFB left, crowned by Nike, blundered ethnic below ex. line of dots. (Rutter 205)

Picture Forthcoming


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