FRANCE, Première Empire. Caroline Bonaparte. Queen Consort of Naples and Sicily, 1808-1815. AR Medal (23mm, 7.04 g, 12h). By Brenet (after a nomos of Neapolis). Struck late 19th century. BAΣIΛIΣΣA KAPOΛINH, diademed head right, wearing triple-pendant earring and pearl necklace / Man-headed bull standing right, head facing; above, crowning Nike flying right; NEΩΠOΛITΩN in exergue. Edge: (cornucopia) ARGENT. Cf. Bramsen 772 (for prototype). (CNG, Coin Shop)








Medaglia, Napoleone Bonaparte, F. Brenet e D. Denon, Francia, 1806, Argento, g 38,58, mm 40,00, D/ NAPOLEON EMP. ET ROI .
(The laureate head of Napoleone, to right)
Below the cutting of the neck: ANDRIEU F.
R/ (The Winged Victory with a laurel wreath flies over a bull-headed man, between the legs of a small bull-headed man in profile)
On the sides of the fields: BRENET F. – DENON D.
First Empire Napoleonic medal for the campaign of Naples laying on the reverse a representation of the coinage of the bell.
Minimal blows on the edge, about fdc.
Ricciardi, 72.  (ArtCoins Roma s.r.l., Auction 5, 1379)








Joachim Murat, 1808-1815. Surrender of the Fortress of Naples. Silver medal, 1815, unsigned. Obv: winged Victory crowning a bull with a human face. Rev: 9 lines legend. 2,11 grams. 18,61 mm. (International Coin Exchange, Auction 3, lot 2366)



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