BMC. See Jenkins, The Coinage of Gela, Plate 38, Number 11, for a rare obol(?) from this city.  Obverse, Head of MFB left, Reverse, head of Apollo (?) right.








Imhoof-Blumer FMGRM, Taf. IV, 21








Imhoof-Blumer FMGRM, Taf. IV, 22









AKARNANIEN, STRATOS, 12 mm, Trihemiobol(?), 425-380. Menschengesichtiger, bärtiger Stierkopf des Flussgottes Acheloos n. r. Rv. Grosses T zwischen (…)
und R 0,79 g. / 12h. Imhoof-Blumer, A. 163, 8var. (Rv. mit P (retrograd)T(…) rückläufig). Sehr selten.
Av. Schön. Rv. Knapp sehr schön
Av. Stempelgleich mit unten Nr. 358.3. (M&M, Auction 23, lot 357)








Akarnania, Stratos. c. 425-380 BC, AR fraction (trihemiobol?), 13mm, c. 1.5g (unconfirmed weight).  Obv:   Head of man-faced bull right.  Reverse: large S with seven dots along midpoint, STPATI surrounding.

The reverse of this coin is probably tooled, since the dots along the M appear to have been either engraved recently or punched into the original die (which would be a unique example).  There is also the possibility that the legend around the S, and the S itself, are tooled or strengthened.




Stratus. Ca. 345 BC. Silver stater (8.46 gm). Pegasus flying left, Σ below / ΣΤΡΑΤΙΩΝ, head of Athena right in Corinthian helmet, head of Achelous left behind. Calciati II, p. 563, 1. ACGC 437 (same dies). (Gemini, Auction II, 101)



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