Sicily, Syracuse Gelon Tyrant River God


Acheloios Alpheios as a man-faced bull!  Well spotted John Gomer!

Auction description:

SICILY, Syracuse. Gelon. Tyrant, 485-478. AR Tetradrachm (23mm, 16.99 g, 12h). Head of the river god Alpheios facing, with a moustache, long beard, small horns (their tips off the flan) and non-human ears / ΣVRA, Two large grains of barley; all within a deep incuse square. C. Arnold-Biucchi, and A.-P. C. Weiss, “The River God Alpheios on the First Tetradrachm Issue of Gelon at Syracuse,” QTXXXVI (2007), pp. 59-74, pl. I, 1-1a (this coin). Reverse marginally triple struck, otherwise, extremely fine. Unique. A spectacular and important archaic coin of great beauty and power, one of the most important discoveries in the coinage of 5th century Sicily ever made. Toned and with an astoundingly virtuoso facing head of Alpheios, very probably the finest facing head ever to appear on Greek coinage. (Triton XV, lot 1003)

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